Moscow (part 2): Dine Enlightenment Style

As if the previous post was not enough for you to understand how much I chase the old style, let me take you to the Enlightment Period decor today! Today, we eat at Turandot! Yes, this is another very famous restaurant in Moscow(Tverskoy Blvd, 26, Moskva), but I fell in love with this whole “another… Continue reading Moscow (part 2): Dine Enlightenment Style

Moscow (Part 1): Dine in Medieval Style

You read “Medieval Style” in the title. Yes, this is exactly what you are thinking about. The place inside is decorate like an old castle and for a person obsessed with that old ages and periods, this restaurant was a must. I am talking about the Shinok restaurant in the center of Moscow (1905 Goda… Continue reading Moscow (Part 1): Dine in Medieval Style

New York City: Big Nick’s Burger & Pizza Joint

I was with a friend the other day talking about our experiences in New York, so the time has come. Let us fly to another continent today and grab a burger at my favorite city! As you have noticed, I am a fan of spots with food! I love food, yes! I love going out… Continue reading New York City: Big Nick’s Burger & Pizza Joint

Amsterdam: De Dampkring Coffee Shop

Today, we are talking about a little spot in one of my favorite cities in this world. But, if you are here expecting to read something about the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, the tulips or the chicks of Red Light District, then my friend, I think you are in the wrong place.… Continue reading Amsterdam: De Dampkring Coffee Shop

Cardiff: Fish & Chips at “Top Gun”

Up until this point, you must have realized my passion for traveling, food, pubs and finding little local spots in every country or city I visit to make my experience there more interesting! Like in my previous post for Zamora, Spain, I will recommend you again my personal perfect little spot in Cardiff where you can… Continue reading Cardiff: Fish & Chips at “Top Gun”

Zamora: La Pinta de Oro Tavern

Let us “fly” together in Spain! Specifically, Zamora! I am sure not many of you aware of this place and obviously it is not the first city that comes to someone’s mind when they think of Spain. So, for you that you are not familiar with the place, let me give you some basic info.… Continue reading Zamora: La Pinta de Oro Tavern