New York City: Big Nick’s Burger & Pizza Joint

I was with a friend the other day talking about our experiences in New York, so the time has come. Let us fly to another continent today and grab a burger at my favorite city!

As you have noticed, I am a fan of spots with food! I love food, yes! I love going out for lunch and dinner. I prefer it that going out for a coffee. Burger is one of these foods for which my heart pounds like cray cray! (In some years, if I keep up with this nutrition, my heart is literally going to beat like crazy due to the cholesterol, but oh well!).


Anyway, burgers and New York go together. They are everywhere in this city, street or fancy style. My favorite is…Greek style! The reason I lovbig-nick2e this place is because, first of all, it belongs to a Greek person, Mr. Nick Imirziades. I really enjoy supporting Greek business abroad and I do it
with pleasure, especially when I know that the owners have come from the “bottom” of hardships. This man is exactly that. There is article in New York Times about him. Click here to check it out!

Big NicksThe place is very small, which is another reason why I love this place, cozy and very friendly (where there’s a Greek, there hospitality!) with photos of Mr. Nick’s family on the walls. It operates 24/7 and offers a variety of “street” food, but I tasted the burger only, which I always like more if it is cheesy! Very tasty but do not expect anything extravagant. The burgers there are very simple and classic. Also, the prices are very low too and this is a “plus” for you especially if you are like the kind of tourist that prefers to spend his fortune on clothes shopping!

Has anyone of you talked to Mr. Nick? I did not and I was wondering how he might be. He seems like a very nice person!

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