Moscow (Part 1): Dine in Medieval Style

You read “Medieval Style” in the title. Yes, this is exactly what you are thinking about. The place inside is decorate like an old castle and for a person obsessed with that old ages and periods, this restaurant was a must. I am talking about the Shinok restaurant in the center of Moscow (1905 Goda St., 2A, Moscow). Well, not exactly center…Brace yourseleves cause that needed some walking!

This little spot specializes in traditional Ukranian food which very particular but very tasty! Pretty pricey but it worth all the rubles, if you ask me.

This place is very singular and built with so much detail. I mean, there is a glass around with cows and little goats, making it s718eem like you are literally in another year/world/period. This is crazy! However, even though I found the idea of that very unique, at the same time it was one of the things that made me not enjoy my time there so much. As a huge animal lover and animal rights supporter, I could not help but feel sad about this view. I am not very amused in the idea of poor little animals being restricted in an area, not even a zoo, just to fill the decor and serve the purposes of decor details.

Other than that, I loved every other bit of my visit there. I thought it was very interesting and…different!  And to leave completely the whole sad animal topic, let me tell you about this! There was a woman in the plce where the animals where, dressed in traditional Ukrainian clothes doing farm stuff… #whaaa?

Have you ever visited that place? Tell me your thoughts on the animal thing! Do you think that I am exaggerating?

2 thoughts on “Moscow (Part 1): Dine in Medieval Style

  1. Well I have visited this place and i totally loved it. Even though the Ukranian food is a bit spicy for me, everything was really tasty! Would definitely go back again! 🙂


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