Moscow (part 2): Dine Enlightenment Style

As if the previous post was not enough for you to understand how much I chase the old style, let me take you to the Enlightment Period decor today! Today, we eat at Turandot! Yes, this is another very famous restaurant in Moscow(Tverskoy Blvd, 26, Moskva), but I fell in love with this whole “another era” thing once again that I had to have a po
st on it.

Today, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAour spot is not that little. Today our spot is a huge palace! The place inside is exactly like that. Everything is on detail making it seem like a place where Marie-Antoinette would feel like home. Chandeliers and luxurious material everywhere you look. Plus, as if this place was not huge enough, it also contains private rooms where you can enjoy only with your friends!

The food is amazing even though a little bit pricey. It offers a variety of French, Chinese or Japanese dishes. They are all very tasty so do not hesitate when it comes to the money! After all, we are talking about a very luxurious restaurant.

Take a look at these!

P.S: Any “not that big and extravagant” spot in Moscow to recommend? I am all ears!


4 thoughts on “Moscow (part 2): Dine Enlightenment Style

    1. You should see it live!! Totally realistic and because you this whole atmosphere kinda makes you wanna adapt to it, out of nowhere you pretend like you are a dutches or something :p


  1. That looks cool!!!!! well, moo – moo restaurants are nice but they are kind of a fast food! They have a huge buffet where you can choose whatever you want to eat! Look it up! x


    1. I think moo-moo is the classic option for the tourist that doesn’t want to spend much money on food! I loved it though, I like fast food! #noregretswhatsoever


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