Amsterdam: De Dampkring Coffee Shop

Today, we are talking about a little spot in one of my favorite cities in this world. But, if you are here expecting to read something about the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, the tulips or the chicks of Red Light District, then my friend, I think you are in the wrong place. We are doind it local in every trip so…Coffee shops! Here we go!

Some of you might recall it, some of you not and some others might not even have a clue, but De Dampkring appeared in the movie “Ocean’s 12” with Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon.

Go on take a look!

I know, I know! I said I would talk about little place that not many people know and this one is one of the most famous in Amsterdam (But hey! At least I did not write about the “Bulldog” Coffee Shop). I am sorry, I could not resist visiting it.


So, where to begin. Either you love or you hate this place! It is super crowded, which is why I was in the “hate” side in the beginning, and is kind of far from the other coffee shops in the center (Handboogstraat,29) so if you have spent your time walking until there and you can’t even get it, there are no other alternatives nearby for you. It took me two visits there until I find a free seat.

The decoration is a little bit strange, but cool. The place is rather small, coffeeshop_holandia_dampkring_001but cute. It is again a “love” or “hate” thing. I, personally, love it. The smell…Ok, this is definitely a “love” or “hate” thing. I do not smoke cannbis but I did not hate it. The menu, in the latter one, is huge and it is said that the quality is of the best in the city, but hey! What do I know!

Anyway, either you like to smoke either you don’t visiting a coffee shop in Amsterdam is a very interesting experience. You find all sorts of people in places like these. There are tourists there too, of course, but not too many. I mean, most of them hang in “Bulldog”. In less famous coffee shops, the experience is different. What I found the most interesting, is that most of the people there were not even close to my age (20’s). There were mostly adults over 30, at the end of their tiring day at work, “relaxing” with colleagues, friends or even alone to help the day close nicely. While in other places in the world, smoking weed, except of illegal, is something not many adults do, in Amsterdam is a part of their every day life. In general, you are considered a big, fat pothead if you smoke weed on a daily basis, especially if you are over 30. In that city, you can be a very mature, serious businessman, smoking weed every now and then after work and nobody will judge. It is interesting and funny at the same time! You must really go and see!

Has anyone been in any good coffee shop? Actually, has anyone of you a funny story leaving a coffee shop in Amsterdam? I would love to hear some “high” stories!


(This is Bowie by the way! The “cat of cannabis”. He is one of the classic customers and he is so cute I could not resist not referring to him. Go check him out here!)




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